Pre-Press Support

Zip Up Your Files

When submitting multiple files, we strongly recommend that you ZIP your files together and then use our File Upload feature to send your file. This will greatly simplify your effort and allow you to move your package of files to our server in one step.

Original File Formats Preferred

Submit your computer generated files in original format if possible. For example, if your artwork is done using Photoshop, send the original Photoshop document as a layered .psd file. Or, if it was done in Illustrator, send an .ai file with all support files and fonts. Color correction is much easier if the file is not flattened.

Include Support Files

Send all attachments, support files, and fonts with your artwork. For example, if you have a illustrator file with pictures, send all support files, including logos and fonts, along with the layout. If the photos are parsed instead of placed inside the file, it limits color corrections.

File Types to Avoid

Avoid using Microsoft Software (Work,Excel,Notepad, etc). These formats have to be converted to a PDF or JPEG format. When converted, problems occur with type and the layout is compromised. If this is your only option, convert the files before sending so if the layout is affected you can catch it.

Convert Fonts

Convert fonts to outlines or curves when possible. This eliminates the need for Sending fonts.

Scanned Images

Scanned images should be between 300 dpi and 600 dpi CMYK. File size for an average photograph should be around 50 to 100 megabytes. Avoid using images off of Web Pages as they tend to be too low res.

Accepted Programs

We stay up to date on all the latest versions of popular design software. Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign • Corel Draw

Sending Files

Send files via Mail, E-mail, or the preferred placing an order. Include a PDF, fax or mail a hard copy of your artwork when using e-mail or file upload.

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Out of Home

  • Bulletins
  • PE Bulletins
  • Single Sheet Poster (SSP)
  • Bleed Poster
  • 8 Sheet Poster
  • Tri-Vision Bulletin
  • Mobile Billboard
  • Banner
  • Mesh Banner
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Point of Purchase (POP)

  • Duratran / Backlit Film
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  • Menu Board
  • Floor Graphics
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  • Poster Printing
  • Table Top Displays
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