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Sample Associated Posters services

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These large illuminated displays deliver impact in size. Standard sizes range from 12'x24' all the way up to 14'x48'.  All of our bulletins are printed up to 600dpi. using the latest UV printing technology.

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PE Bulletins

PE is a lightweight, 100% recyclable Polyethylene substrate that is durable yet environmentally friendly. The reduction of PVC and waste is a growing concern for the outdoor advertising industry, and this material addresses those issues.

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Single Sheet Poster (SSP)

Single Sheet Posters or SSP's have replaced traditional paper billboards.  These posters are printed on a lightweight 100% recyclable polyethylene substrate.

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Bleed Poster

Bleed Posters, sometimes referred to as 30-Sheet Posters, 10’5” x 22’8” paper boards. They are printed in 12 sections and posted with a overlap to prevent rain from getting behind the sheets causing loose sheets or flagging.

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8 Sheet Poster

Our standard 8 sheet poster can be printed two different ways. One tile on a single sheet of paper (5’ x 11’) or two vertical sections with an overlap in the center. These posters are printed on #82 coated Raindance paper at 448 dpi using the latest in HP digital equipment and UV resistant inks.

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Tri-Vision Bulletin

Tri-Vision boards are like bulletins, with two additional features: they “move” and they carry more than one message. The outdoor design is divided into vertical strips, which rotate on an eight-second schedule to provide three messages on one billboard. Tri-Vision billboards are an excellent, cost-effective advertising solution; you get all the impact, quality, and great location of a static outdoor board, but at a lower cost because you are “sharing” the message. A great way to stretch your marketing budget.

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Duratran / Backlit Film

Backlit displays are a great way to attract viewer attention and separate your ad from standard frontlit applications. Using backlit films, these displays are large transparencies with a diffusion backing that require a lightbox to be seen. When compared to ordinary frontlit photographs, the backlit Duratrans stand out in color saturation, brilliance, contrast, and just plain general attention-getting power. Used in tradeshows, they can be seen from a great distance away and attract viewers to your booth. Perfect for airport signs, movie theater boxes, menu displays, bus stops, backlit exhibits, window presentations.

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Banners are a good solution for making a big statement in a temporary application.  They are easy to install and take down making them great for advertising upcoming events or promoting new products.  Let us help you stand out with full color, UV and weather resistant digitally printed banners.

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Yard Sign

Yard Signs or Political Signs have the ability to reach a large audience with minimal cost. Every Coroplast sign is guaranteed not to fade for a full year and can be printed on both sides to ensure you get noticed.  These signs are incredibly easy to transport and install, making them perfect for use multiple times. Coroplast signs are also completely weatherproof so they can be left out in the rain without fear of them being damaged.

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Poster Printing

Large format Posters are a great product for temporary ads.  The addition of laminate turns your temporary ad into a more permanent solution.  Hang them on walls, in windows, and even from the ceiling to make your product stand out from the crowd.

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Table Top Displays

Table top displays are great for tradeshows, conferences, retail storefronts, restaurants, bars or café environments. They bring potential customers attention to eye level where they can engage with your service or product, packing an impressive advertising punch. They are lightweight, portable and snap together in seconds.

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Wall Decals

We specialize in corporate and retail wall murals made to any size and shape. Perfect for short or long term applications these super durable stickers can be installed on almost any surface.

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Sidewalk / Sandwich Boards

Sidewalk Signs are Durable, affordable, and versatile enough for any business need. They can be used inside or out for temporary or permanent applications. These signs consist of a plastic, double-sided sign stand with a Quick Change feature that allows the sign to slide in and out easily. It includes two 24"x36" sign faces printed on 4mm Corrugated plastic.

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Double Sided Banner

Double sided banners are printed with Blockout Vinyl.  The Blockout Vinyl consists of three layers with the middle being black.  This creates an opaque substrate that does not allow for one image to bleed through to the other side.

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Mesh Banner

Mesh Banners are printed on 8 oz. coated polyester scrim mesh banner material.  This economical light weight material can be printable on one side and allows 37% air-flow through making it ideal for building, stadium and fence wraps.

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Rollup / Retractable Banner

Roll Up Banner Stands or Retractable Banner Stands are an attractive and convenient way to showcase products and messages to a target audience. They are portable and flexible structures that are easy to use.  They work like a window blind- simply slide up the graphic over a pole and secure it.  When finished, remove the pole, retract banner and put it back in its case.  It is that simple!

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X Banner

Lightweight composite banner stand is easy to assemble and holds a 2' x 5' 9" or 2' x 6' vinyl banner finished with grommets at all four corners. Comes with handy nylon carrying case.

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Backlit Signs

Backlit signs offer inviting, highly saturated color and help your message stand out in darker settings. Whether they appear on vending machines, nightclub signs, or airport displays, backlit graphics have become an important part of today's signage and promotional-display industry.

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