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Since 1962 we have been producing high quality large format graphics for the outdoor industry.  The printing industry has gone through many changes over the years and so has API.  We are constantly evolving and expanding our printing capabilities to meet the ever demanding digital printing industry.  Because of this, it is hard to put together a list of everything we do. Contact us today or access our online order pages and put over 50 years worth of experience toward you advertising needs.



Grand Format are printers capable of printing up to 196" wide. We have taken it a step further. We print 196" wide at 600dpi. This is the perfect platform for billboards and extremely large banners. We have been specializing in Grand Format for over 50 years making us experts in this field.

Large Format is where it all started for API. This goes all the way back to the glue and paste billboards. Although we still do a lot of paper billboards, large format now consists of banners, posters and general signage. Large Format is considered anything in the 17" to 100" print range.

The biggest advantage that you can get from flatbed digital printing is the versatility that they offer. No matter what material, what shape, and what size of the material you want to print on, as long as it has a flat surface, is up to 2" thick and no bigger than 4'x8', you can print on it. The resolution of 2400dpi allows for near photographic quality prints at fast speeds.

We can laminate anything up to 60" wide with either hot or cold laminate. We use cold laminates for single sided over-laminates.  Hot laminates are used for products requiring complete encapsulation protecting them from mother nature.  Laminates can also be Matte or Gloss depending on requirements for glare.

From hot air welders to automatic grommet punches, we have the right equipment for the job.



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